About Us!

Why hello there! We’re glad you’re here. Let’s get to know each other!

We are Nicole Ellsworth and Kaitlyn Duchien, two motivated millennials on the journey to facing the fear of our financial futures. But, where did this journey begin? 

Picture this: It’s July of 2018. Nicole Ellsworth is sitting in a Friday Morning Meeting at Ash Brokerage, an insurance brokerage company in northeastern Indiana. This particular morning, Tim Ash, the CEO of Ash Brokerage, shares his desire to educate the general community about insurance and how it can positively impact their lives. Nicole is inspired by Tim’s message, but takes it one step further — what about Millennials? We are a generation of risk takers, entrepreneurs, and world shakers. But, what about our finances? Where can we go to learn about insurance, investing, budgeting, and retirement in a way that is easy to understand and speaks specifically to our generation?

So, an idea was born. Nicole decided that she wanted to change the conversation around financial education. It was time for us to start talking openly and honestly about our money, to find answers to our questions, to overcome stereotypes of laziness and entitlement, and use our finances as a tool to achieve our goals and dreams. 

Soon after this July meeting, Nicole joined forced with her colleague, Kaitlyn Duchien, who had a similar vision of educating her fellow Millennial friends about retirement planning. Over the next several months, Nicole and Kaitlyn brainstormed about developing an educational platform where Millennials could ask honest questions, receive relevant, practical answers, and arm themselves with knowledge to approach their financial future with confidence. Oh, and have fun in the process! That’s important.

And BOOM. Face the Fear was born! (Wow. That sounded way easier said than done 🙂 )

Let’s be BFFs! Get to know your co-founders: Kaitlyn Duchien and Nicole Ellsworth.