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Our Story Q&A! We’re ENGAGED!

Join us on our 22 hour road trip from Texas to Michigan! We answer all your questions about how we met, what challenges we have in our relationship, and how we’ll handle our finances as a newlywed couple.

(Public Service Announcement: This video is LONG. So long, in fact, that we almost ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere Arkansas because we didn’t realize how long it would be. Miraculously, we made it to a gas station on fumes & somehow filled my 14-gallon tank with 16 gallons of fuel. We also conveniently grabbed lunch from the gas station Subway, where the lady, as she prepared our sandwiches, explained in graphic detail how she’d recently castrated her goat. All that to say, THANK YOU for watching this video. Our followers make it all worth it.)




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